Rotary Eye Institute 


India is fast emerging as a global superpower. But in this very India lies another India that’s bereft of all the benefits of globalization.

Although it’s convenient to forget the pain of those who are suffering, it’s not easy to ignore the facts. Every year thousands of people suffer from eye-related problems which can result in bigger complications, including complete loss of vision. If you think the situation is bad today, just imagine the plight in the 70s. Faced with this reality, Rotary Club of Navsari founded Smt. Lilavati Mohanlal Shah (Bilimorawala) Eye Hospital , (popularly known as Rotary Eye Institute) in 1977, a non-profit eye hospital to provide world-class eye care services.

About Us

Elimination of Avoidable Blindness with Excellence in Service delivery, Education, Research and Rehabilitation

We provide state of the art comprehensive High Quality affordable Eye Care to all


Money should not be a hurdle towards better health

We strongly believe that:

  • Every one, poor OR rich, all are equal so even poor must get same quality services
  • Every Eye Matters
  • Money can never become a barrier in getting treatment at our organization
  • We want to be known as an organization offering World Class Eye Care Services provider AT AFFORDABLE RATE.

  • Patient Care 95%
  • World Class Service 85%
  • Commnity Efforts 90%

Some of our Milestones

2016 : First NGO in Gujarat to install Centurion Vision System
2016 : Entire Hospital renovated to the latest infrastructure
2015 : Eleventh free eye camp in Nigeria with 1137 surgeries
2013 : Zero Bacteria Positive Pressure System Operation Theater
2010 : Started Curriculum for Master of Optometry
2005 : First Free Eye Camp in Nigeria with 1400 surgeries
2004 : Award from National Blindness Control Society
1996 : Recognition of Rotary Rural Eye Health & Research Center
1977 : Rotary Eye Institute was established