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Diabetes and Eye

What is Diabetes?

“DIABETES” Known as ‘Madhu Meha’ since vedic times, is a disease characterized by high amount of Sugar in the Blood. It is a disease affecting all the organs of the body by causing occlusion of the small vessels. (Micro vessels).

Why to worry?

Recently an alarming data (2010) shows India to be the largest reservoir of Diabetes in the world. While Mumbai heads the list in India, South Gujarat(Surat) is the 2nd hub of Diabetes in India.

Diabetes & our body

Diabetes affects all important organs of our body like Blood vessels, Nerves, Brain, Kidney, Skin leading to a morbid life and mortality.

Diabetes and Eye

Diabetes affects small blood vessels in eye most commonly the Retinal vessels (arteries, capillaries and veins). It causes small vessels occlusion and leakage of blood in retina. Thus spectrum of diabetes in eye ranges from Haemorrhages (small and large), Retinal swelling Retinal Detachment, Loss of Vision.


can damage your eyes

What we Do?

The Doctors at Rotary Eye Institute have raised a battle against Diabetic Retinopathy. Rotary Eye Hospital has the following examinations and investigations facilities

1. Routine screening of Diabetes patients on OPD days.
2. Regular Diabetic camps for a free screening of Diabetic patients with Retinopathy.
3. Detailed evaluation of Retina of Diabetes patients and discussing the stage of Retinopathy with patients.
4. Counseling patients for good metabolic control
5. Evaluation of Retinal vessels by Angiography using Carl Zeiss Angiography machine.
6. A complete minute and detailed Retinal Evaluation using the Stratus OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) machine.
7. If required Laser treatment is given using a Carl Zeiss machine.
8. Last but not least, competent surgical facilities to tackle retinal detachment cases of patients with Diabetes.

What we Require?

Patient cooperation and regular follow up visits on the part of the patient. Physicians of the city to refer all their patients of Diabetes to our hospital for complete ophthal evaluation and avail the recent state of the art facilities.

All eyes on you, Protect them

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