Community Initiatives

According to a survey, one out of every three blind people in the world lives in India. But most of these cases of blindness are preventable, provided they are diagnosed at the right time and are given the right treatment. Rotary Eye Institute organizes over 300 free eye camps annually to screen patients for various eye diseases and if needed, the patients are operated to give them the gift of vision. Each eye camp is conducted under the supervision of vastly experienced Medical and Paramedical staff. Patients are screened for Glaucoma, Night Blindness, Refractive error and other eye diseases. Those identified with a disease are promptly diagnosed at the camp and are given adequate treatment and while those with cataract or any other disease which requires surgery are either operated at our satellite centers or are operated at Rotary Eye Institute, Navsari. The surgery is done free of cost and also during their stay at the hospital, patients are provided with free food that’s high on nutrition value.

Till today, 9,966 eye camps have been organized by Rotary Eye Institute! With the Mission for Vision, Rotary Eye Institute carries out various programs to create awareness about eye care and also organises free eye camps not just in South Gujarat but also in various parts of the country throughout the year.


India being our mother land, is our first place of service. REI is involved in community services in India since its inception in 1977. We started with our home town in Gujarat and gradually covered the other parts of the country and are still going on.


Why stop serving in our own country? There are people all over the world who need our help. REI started its community services in the international domain since 2005 and started with Nigeria to provide the best possible service we can.