Eye Camp – India



When the camp is scheduled to be organized, we distribute leaflets in local language in the surrounding areas of the camp site so that maximum patients can take benefit of the camp. We make publicity of the camp by distributing leaflets, posters & giving the advertisement in the different News Papers.


Free Eye Camps


Total Eye Camps


Treated Patients


Operated Patients

Community work across India:

REI organizes over 300 free eye camps annually at various places across India. Patients are screened for various eye diseases and if needed they are operated on to give them the gift of vision. Not only is the surgery done free of cost but the patients are provided with high nutrition diet during their stay at the hospital.

Since inception REI has conducted more than 14,508 eye camps. Under its “Mission for Vision Program”, the institute carries out various programs to create awareness about preventive eye care and cure. Since its inception, REI has treated more than 27,71,457 patients and operated on more than 3,10,029 patients, out of which almost 70% have been treated free of cost.

Eye Donation Means Kindness

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