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C3R Treatment

In the world of colorful eye treatments available in the ultramodern age, one might have come across the term known as Corneal Collagen Cross-linking with Riboflavin or the C3R eye surgery. For the uninitiated, it’s an on-invasive eye treatment that helps reduce the progression of keratoconus which is another form of eye disease in which the clear bowel on the anterior portion of the eye (cornea) bulges outward. It involves strengthening the cornea and in the early stages helps to stabilize vision.

While the treatment may not correct vision fully or exclude the need for spectacles or contact lenses fully, it helps to maintain the current position of vision and is meant to help vision from worsening. It can also help those that can not wear contact lenses to fit into them more better

Who can get benefit from this treatment?

Collagen cross-linking treatment isn’t a remedy or a cure for keratoconus but rather aims to decelerate or indeed halt the progression of this eye disease. People might also need to continue to wear specs or contact lenses regularly (although a change in the tradition may be needed) after the cross-linking treatment. It can also help limit the farther deterioration in the case’s vision and reduce the case for keratoplasty. The main end of this treatment is to arrest the progression of keratoconus, and thereby help further deterioration in vision and therefore reduce or exclude the need for corneal transplantation.

What to anticipate after a C3R surgery?

After the procedure, a pad and patch of eye is done and repeated daily till the eye heals. Corneal haze develops in utmost cases following C3R/ CXL. This resolves significantly over three weeks and fully over six months. The power of your spectacles or fitting of contact lenses may change originally for a many weeks following the procedure. The final prescription of spectacles/ contact lenses is given 3-6 months following the procedure.


The most common side goods of this fashion include many pitfalls like Postoperative Infection/ Ulcers or corneal haze.

One of the main benefits of Corneal Collagen Crosslinking, which has demonstrated long- term stability, is that it’s a less invasive treatment as compared to corneal transplants.

As decided by the Eye Surgeon.

This is generally blurred on the first 2 days, still improves later, similar that utmost routine work can be done on Day 3. Specifically we say no driving till vision recovers.

Keep working and safe your eyes!!

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