Our will is strong, our ambitions high, our expertise rich
But without the right infrastructure each of them is incomplete!

Facilities at our Hospital

Rotary Eye Institute boasts of highly advanced facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. REI has been continuously working towards scaling up its facilities and to extend the best services in eye care. Today, almost 40 operations are performed every day in our fully-equipped 5 Operation Theaters and our Out Patient Department (OPD) attends to over 150 patients each day.

REI offers 360o eye care services – Eye Treatment, Eye Banking, Research, Education, Prevention & Awareness and Rehabilitation.

Eye Treatment:

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Keratoplasty
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Squint
  • Ptosis
  •  Yag and Argon Laser
  •  OCT
  • Perimetry
  • FFA
  • Low Visual Aids
  • Contact Lens

Eye Banking :

  • Eye Ball collection
  • Analysis of quality and distribution
  • Training of counselors

Research :

  • Clinical Research
  • Publication of research papers
  • CME workshops and conferences
  • Book publication

Education :

  • Bachelor of Optometry (Four years Degree course)
  • Master of Optometry (Two Years)
  • Post Graduation in Ophthalmology (DNB)
  • Short term Fellowships
  • C3R
  • Pterygium
  • Excimer Laser

Prevention & Awareness :

  • Orthoptics and Low Vision
  • Advertising campaigns
  • School screening camps
  • Vitamin A distribution
  • Public meetings
  • Films and Slide shows

Rehabilitation :

  • Audio Library
  • Printing & publication for low vision & brail
  • Rehabilitation for visually handicapped
  • Physiotherapy School for Blind

Our latest equipment’s include:

  • Excimer Laser: This laser technology is used to remove glasses.
  • Ozil Phacoimulsification: latest method and technology for cataract surgery.
  • Yag–Argon Combi Laser: Used for posterior capsulotomy peripheral iridectomy and photocoagulation.
  • C3R: For treatment of keratoconous.
  • Automated Perimetry: To test field of vision in glaucoma patient
  • Vitrectomy and Endolaser: For different laser surgeries
  • B-scan & A-scan: for Posterior Segment Sonography: For measuring axial length (for IOL power calculation).
  • Fundus Camera: For angiography in different vascular disease of the eye
  • Photographic Slit Lamp: Used for photography of anterior segment of the eye.
  • OCT: For detail evaluation of retina

REI has got total 150 beds in 3 categories: General Ward, Special Ward and Suits. We also have in-house Eye Banking facility, optical store with contact lens clinic, pathology laboratory and medical store. We also have a Mobile Surgical Unit (Dhrasti Vahini) to provide eye care in remote villages in India.

Behind our quality service, there is a team of highly dedicated and committed people who drive our mission. REI’s real strength lies in its strong team of well-qualified and well-experienced Doctors, Optometrists and medical staff. REI has a team of 12 full-time Ophthalmic Surgeons and a total staff of 90 people, including nursing, paramedical and clerical staff.