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Sant Punit Eye Bank

The Rotary Eye Institute was established in 1977 for the treatment & care of the “Organ of Sight” in society. Thousands of people with eye problems from within the state and outside the state started visiting the hospital. The excellent treatment & diagnosis of expert doctors led to a miraculous result in almost impossible eye ailments. The latest surgeries were being performed with the help of modern equipment. “Keratoplasty (Corneal Transplant)” was included later on and the need for an Eye Bank arose. So, an Eye Bank was established in 1978. Our volunteers were rebuked and insulted by people due to the lack of awareness of eye donation. But the tireless stride of the Institute’s head Late Mr.Parbhubhai Vallabhbhai Patel (Navsari) and the support of social organizations and aware citizens kept the institute alive and working. During these years, we received eye donations from far-off regions like Dholka, Dhandhuka, Jambusar by the cooperation of NGOs. A database of visually impaired individuals was maintained & updated.

To satisfy the demands of the people and to provide vision to as many as visually impaired as possible, the REI established 9 eye collection centers in South Gujarat. A huge and reliable network started functioning for the cure of and treatment of blindness. Till April 2018 the institute has received a total of 30,737 eyeballs.

With the establishment of the eye bank, we are able to make much progress in the field of Research & Development. The eyes unfit for replacement/transplant became useful for study and research. With the help of this exposure and scope for research, experts from our institute have presented papers at national & international conferences.

Let’s make Eye Donation a Family Tradition…….

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In spite of all this, society is still unaware of the need & importance of eye donation. Let us take an example of Navsari’s crematorium itself. About 2051 dead bodies were cremated in 2017 and it is tragic to note that only 620 eye donations were received. This example is an eye-opener in itself! It is alarming to see these statistics in the birthplace of an institute of this magnitude. I think the agony can best be felt by individuals who may have a visually challenged individual among their midst, in their family.

Let us pledge to spread the gift of sight to these families and brighten their lives with colors. Let us pledge to do our bit!

Because Tiny drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean And the beautiful land.

You and I can make a difference… So let us!!

Let us pledge to make this drive for eye donation a national and international event. Let no dead be cremated or buried without having donated his/her eyes…

Think of the joy and happiness we could spread by this small act of service.

Let us join hands and make this movement for eye donation an epitome of selfless service to not only our state, our country, but to the world!!

According to the National Program for Control of Blindness (NPCB), there is a need for about 1,20,000 corneas in a year in our country. And every year about 25,000 to 30,000 visually impaired individuals are added. Thousands of sightless individuals are eagerly awaiting a corneal transplant.

Let us abolish darkness and bestow the ” Gift of Sight” to the deprived. Make it your service to the nation.

When you pledge to donate your eyes and donate the eyes of your deceased family members or near and dear ones, “you” are serving humanity…

Let us begin by a pledge to donate our eyes… TODAY… NOW…

Eye safety first

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