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We, at Rotary Eye Institute, are proud to announce that, we have started a Department of Oculoplasty at our institution. This specialty department, deals with various diseases and tumours, involving the eyelids and structures around the eyes. A vast number of structural as well as functional anomalies, can be found in structures,that surround ones eyeball. They can be found present since birth (congenital) or acquired later on in life.
Most of the disorders are treatable, if diagnosed and managed early in their course. It is therefore most essential to get yourself evaluated for possible problems of structures around the eyes. Some of the most common problems and their treatment are described below.

Eyelid Disorders

• Entropion and Ectropion correction
• Electrolysis and cryotherapy for districhiasis
• Ptosis correction
• Blepharophimosis correction
• Eyelid retraction correction
• Lagophthalmos correction
• Eyelid reconstruction
• Blepharoplasty
• Medial and lateral canthoplasty

Orbital Diseases

• Orbitotomy (Anterior, anteromedial, lateral and inferior) for excision or incision biopsy of orbital tumors
• Orbital floor fracture repair with barrier implant
• Socket reconstruction- Serial socket expansion with conformers, Mucous membrane graft, Dermis fat graft etc
• Intralesional sclerotherapy for lympho-venous/ venous malformations
• Orbital exenteration

Diseases of Lacrimal Apparatus

• Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) with or without intubation
• Dacryocystectomy (DCT)
• Probing and syringing
• Fistulectomy

Artificial Eye

Unfortunate incidents such as trauma or tumors can sometimes mandate removal of the eyeball. Such patients are thoroughly counselled regarding the procedure and are also fitted with custom made ocular prosthesis or artificial eyes which are created to match patients other eye to achieve maximum cosmosis and help with patient’s self-confidence and awareness

The Future of Eye Care Is Here

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