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Affordable Eyecare Treatment At Rotary Eye Institute!!

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Optical Store

At Rotary eye Institute, we take pride in serving our customers. We have been serving The Navsari City and surrounding areas for over 36 years. We have trained professionals who are happy to offer their expertise in the field of eye care. Any visit you make will be tailored to your individual needs so you will feel right at home at Optical Shop.
We understand that you will be wearing your glasses often so style will be important. We offer a wide range of frames including: Steppers,Silhouette,Gucci,vougue and many others. The frame you pick will need to fit the shape of your face appropriately and don’t worry, our staff will be able to point you in the right direction! Your vision is important to us and any problems you are having with your vision we will take care of offering the optimum solution.
Rotary Eye Institute Optical Store offers a variety of lenses. The lenses we offer include: single vision, lined bifocal, progressive lenses, and even presciption sunglasses. Not only do we offer all these products and services here for you at Optical Store , we offer you a sense of self, confidence with your new glasses or contact lenses, and a peace of mind while knowing that your eyes are taken care of. Visit Rotary Eye Institute Optical Store today for all your eye care needs.

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