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The clinic evaluates and treats patients with Glaucoma and other diseases characterised by increased pressure in the eye and/or glaucomatous atrophy of the optic nerve. It also serves as a large referral centre for the treatment of Congenital Glaucoma, a rare condition with increased eye pressure and corneal enlargement present at birth or during the first few months of life. Patients of all ages, from new-borns to the elderly are being treated.
Glaucoma Clinics at all Rotary eye Institute are well equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to combat blindness due to the disease.

The clinic handles Primary Glaucomas, which are largely inherited, in addition to Secondary Glaucomas caused by trauma, inflammation, Diabetes, Retinal Vascular Disease and hypermature cataracts. Deviations from normal retinal nerve fibre thickness are the earliest structural changes in persons with glaucoma.

Comprehensive Glaucoma Work Up

1.Digital Slit lamp Examination
3.Applanation Tonometry
4.Fundus photography
5.Examination of Disc
7.Zeiss Cirrus OCT (To investigate the Retinal Thickness)
8.Zeiss Perimeter (Test Visual field of patient)


1.Medication (eye drops)
2.Laser Procedures with SLT
3.Surgical procedures

Routinely Performed Procedures

• Trabeculectomy
• Trabeculectomy + Trabeculotomy.
• Trabeculectomy with anti mitotic agents like Mitomycin-c or 5-FU
• Trabeculectomy with ologen implants,
• Valve /Tube implants
• Combined Trabeculectomy with IOL implantation.
• Bleb needling , bleb repair/ revision
• Non penetrating glaucoma filtering surgeries : deep sclerectomy (including laser assisted),

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