All You Wanted to Know About Cataracts in Children

Clouding in your child’s eyes? It may be a cataract. A cataract is an eye condition in which your natural lens in the eye starts to come cloudy over time and affects your vision. Cataract most generally affects people above 40, but some babies are also born with it. Cataracts are infrequently plant in children. They generally affect one or occasionally both eyes. Cataract in children is small and doesn’t generate severe trouble, but if your child has a progressive cataract, it can lead to vision problems and experimental disability. Some cataracts affecting children develop at a youthful age and precipitously increase as they progress. This type of cataract is known as nonage cataract. Still, there are other types, as well

• Natural Cataract

These types of cataract are present at the time when the baby is born or the baby may get them shortly latterly. These frequently affect both the eyes (bilateral).

• Secondary Cataract

These are caused due to diabetes or some eye- related problems. Medicine which contains steroids can also lead to this form of cataract.

• Traumatic Cataract

Formed due to an eye injury. These can do right after the injury or perhaps times latterly.

• Radiation Cataract

These do when your child’s eyes get exposed to some radiation.

Causes of Cataracts in Children

Natural cataracts can be formed due to multitudinous reasons

  • It may be inherited from the parent to the child
  • Passed from inheritable conditions like Down’s pattern
  • It can be caused due to some eye infection, or infection picked up at the time of birth, diabetes, inflammation, medicine response, diabetes, or metabolic problems

Also, there are cases when the cataract isn’t diagnosed in the earlier stages, and thus it becomes a nonage cataract. Though there are colorful reasons for developing a cataract, it’s essential to know the exact cause and treat them while children are youthful.

Symptoms of Cataracts in Children

It can be present in one or both the eyes. It’s important to notice signs like cloudy patches in the lens, pupils appearing white when a flashlight falls on it, cloudy and hazy vision, seeing halos around the light. Not just this cataract can beget misaligned eyes (eyesight) or wobbling eyes, and willful eye movements (nystagmus).

Prevention of Cataracts in Children

It’s doubtful to help cataract, especially when it’s inherited. So, if cataract runs in your family also make sure during gestation, you avoid any kind of infection, and also take your vaccinations at regular intervals. Taking inheritable comforting can help as it’ll help the couples to deal with the inherited conditions.

Treatment of Cataracts in Children

Children’s cataracts don’t always affect vision. However, it may not tolerate surgery and the need to be removed, If the cataract is small and doesn’t affect vision. But in the case of natural cataract, it should be removed as soon as possible within the first many weeks when the child is born. The reason it should be done so beforehand is that cataracts directly affect the child’s vision and can lead to abnormalities. In the case of cataract surgery, the surgeon will remove the lens through a small tear. Also, it’s over to the eye surgeon to choose an option of the lens removed. The options include an artificial lens, connections, or eyeglasses. Eyeglasses are occasionally specified indeed after the surgery. Treating your child’s eye is important as it’ll help save their vision. Your child must take specifics and preventives after the surgery. Make sure you fix a regular appointment with your ophthalmologist to keep a check on her recovery. The only way to make sure that your child doesn’t develop cataract is to record an eye test when the child is of 6 months of age. To help you deal with your child’s eye problems, Rotary Eye offers the rearmost technology and has an tough pediatric eye surgeons. It’s considered as one of the leading eye hospitals in Navsari and provides the world’s leading automated technology for cataract surgery. Don’t hesitate to record an eye test if you feel that you might need backing on child cataract.

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